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Sailors Grave Tasting Notes

        Down She Gose 4.8% ABV

Short Version: Bright creamy and crisp – an easy drinking wheat beer with an ocean tang. Brewed with locally harvested seaweed and salt

Long Version: An heirloom style of beer, the Gose (pronounced GO-zuh ) has history stretching back 1000 years to the town of Goslar in Germany,
Dry, golden and subtly tart, it has a delicate ocean tang and is extremely sessionable and thirst quenching.

Pale straw gold in colour with a fluffy white head, our Gose tones back the salt and acidity to a balanced and thirst-quenching level that is accessible to all pallettes. We use a combination of Pilsner, wheat and acidulated malts, with subtle mineral & citrus notes and an ocean tang. We use salt harvested from the ocean in front of our farm and add locally sourced seaweed (Ulva Compressa – very similar to Sea Lettuce) for a minerally marine touch. This is one for the beach, and great for anyone who appreciates a lighter bodied refreshing beer that finishes dry and smooth.


      Drowned Man IPA 4.8% ABV

Short Version:  Crisp and juicy, Drowned Man has a biscuity malt base and creamy mouthfeel. Dry and refreshing with tropical / stone fruit, pine and black tea, plus some citrus, floral and peach aroma.

Long Version: A hybrid style that takes the thirst-quenching sessionability of a Pale Ale and adds the complexity and character of IPA hop aromas and flavours. It lacks the aggressive bittering of a standard IPA allowing for a more easy-going drinking experience. Drowned Man is a rich honeyed gold with a clean crisp malt profile rounded out with an addition of un-malted oats. It is finishes dry but has an almost creamy mouth feel and a subtle, thirst quenching bitterness. Hefty dry-hopping with Australian and US hops add tropical / stone fruit juiciness plus citrus and black tea with a little resinous pine along for the ride. This is a beer equally at home in a sweltering summer campground as it is around the table paired with charcuterie and antipasti.


       Southern Right Ale 4.7% ABV

Short Version: Super dry and malty with subtle earthiness and tobacco aroma. An amber beer that is crisp and refreshing enough for a hot Summer’s day

Long Version: A beer inspired by the rich malt profile of French farmhouse beers and the clean crisp character of German Altbier.
This is a great style for those drinkers looking for a quaffable beer on the maltier end of the flavour spectrum. Pouring copper bronze in colour with an off-white head, a combination of Pilsner and specialty malts adds slight caramel, biscuit and roasty character to this malt-driven beer. A long period of cool conditioning and plenty of noble hops create a clean and very crisp beer with subtle tobacco notes and a dry and bitter finish. Crisp and refreshing enough for summer, yet flavourful enough to match with rich meat dishes - this is a year round pleaser.


Dry hopped Raspberry & Elderflower Grisette 4.3% ABV

Short Version: Grisette brewed with foraged elderflowers and Picnic Point Farm raspberries. Dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc. A blend of earthy and aromatic with aromas of fresh raspberry, elderflower and vinous hop character. Creamy, dry and very drinkable.

Long Version: A dry and spicy Grisette brewed with raspberries from Picnic Point Farm and locally foraged Elderflowers. Beautiful pale pink colour with a mix of earthy, spicy and raspberry aroma. Not an estery farmhouse this beer is very dry and creamy with a spicy phenolic character softened by subtle raspberry. Dry hopping with Hallertau Blanc complements the elderflower with white wine-like aroma. Smash on a hot day or sip it at the end of a long one.


Milky Way: Custard Apple Milk Berliner Weisse 4% ABV

Short Version: Our Homage to the ubiquitous Japanese fermented milk drink Calpis,  our interpretation is a kettle soured milk and custard apple Berliner Weisse. Creamy, tart and extremely moreish 

Long Version: Our Homage to the ubiquitous Japanese fermented milk drink Calpis. For years bright young things in Japan have been adding Calpis to their beers, our interpretation of this phenomenon is a kettle soured milk and custard apple Berliner Weisse. Creamy, tart and extremely moreish 


Breakfast Stout 5% ABV

Packed to the 500ml brim with earl-aye morning essentials! Oats, milk sugar, a touch of vanilla and cinnamon and a hit of coffee - Ethiopian Sidamo Werka, an heirloom variety coffee micro-roasted by our old friends at Genovese We have also incorporated a little Lark Whisky barrel         oakaging for good measure.

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