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March 04, 2017

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Two Mates, One Dream... and a very patient wife or two 

Like all great stories, this tale of sweat, blood, failure, success and poverty, started with two mates and a couple of beers in the shed. Not to mention our very patient partners who have forgone time and money to watch us tirelessly work towards our end goal.

Tumut River Brewing Co.

How exactly did we get here you might ask? Well it started as a business venture Tim basically decided the town and hopefully his pocket needed a micro brewery, (shallow I know, it gets better). Simon wanted in. As Tim had never brewed beer and Simon was a very casual brewer it was deemed necessary that Tim has a basic understanding of the brewing process.

At the same time Tim's world was getting complicated... As everything fell apart around them what started as a requirement to start a brewery became a passion that filled days and nights in the shed. Micro brewery plans were put to one side and life went on. We never stopped brewing! Our equipment grew, our knowledge blossomed, books were read courses attended and through the toughest times in our lives brewing was a constant. We created new beers, new flavours, we made beers that will never be repeated and some that never should have existed in the first place.

Years after our plans for world domination had ended and our brewery had been all but forgotten we realised that we had the tools, knowledge and passion to make this thing happen. Without knowing it was happening we had become beer activists, beer judges and most importantly quality craft beer brewers!

Notes from the brewers Tim and Jason. Cheers

Blowering Blonde 

Our Blonde is a great session beer with an amazing aroma thanks to copious amounts of US Citra hops. Light in colour but full strength, this beer will appeal to those who truly appreciate a strong American style hoped beer.  

Redneck Ale 

Inspired by traditional English Red Ales. Tim got addicted to these beers years ago at a wedding and insisted on one for Tumut River Brewing Co. It only seemed fair that since Tim loved this type of beer so much and Tim is by all accounts a Redneck, it should be his Redneck Ale.

Aussie Ale

Our Aussie (Australian) Ale was to be our un-named beer but it was so damn Aussie that we just had to call it out Aussie Ale. It is a draught beer at 26-IBU. It's golden brown in colour and sparingly hopped with Australian cascade. It's full of flavour but easy enough to drink...It's the perfect "chill out drink". You can have just one or half a dozen. Funnily enough our Aussie Ale started its life as a version of our blonde, it wasn't what we were looking for in that beer but as it developed it became too good to let go of.

Squealing Pig APA

Our Squealing Pig APA is a fairly traditional American Pale Ale. Big hops, Big Bitter and a balanced malt profile. If you like big American Beers this should be right up your alley. Possibly our most contrversial beer to date. If you like it, you LOVE it and if you don't....You really don't.

Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy Pale Ale

When producing an Australian pale ale single hopped with Australian Galaxy the nerd in us had to come out. Enter Hitchhiker's Guide to Galaxy! Hitchhiker's is a more complex beer than the flavour may lead you to believe but that’s the beauty of a well-designed complex beer, it’s not complex to drink. So the next time you find yourself trapped in the airlock of a ship in the Vogon constructor fleet, Don’t Panic, grab your towel, have a beer and prey that our infinite improbability drive managers to keep us from getting sued....

Deliverance Red IPA

Let's be honest Red IPA’s are all the rage at the moment and while we like to think of ourselves as immune to peer pressure we really like them… So we decided to whip one up. We did try to keep our independence though. We have taken the malt base (more or less) from our Redneck Ale then bittered and hopped the heck out of it! Only we’ve used some really unique new hops which has created a surprisingly mellow but prominent hop profile. You’ll get hints of mango and citrus with a strong malt backbone. It’s a unique and very drinkable beer. So what do you get when you cross our redneck ale with an IPA and Americanise it with a heap of hops… Can anyone else hear banjo’s playing?


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